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Production - Radios & Communication

Two way radio, mobile wifi, PA system, Printers and paper

Air & Climate Control

Heaters, fans, AC units, umbrellas

Make-Up & Costume

Mirrors, steamer and irons, room dividers, hangers and wardrobe rails

Traffic safety & Street Furniture

Hand sanitisers, Barriers, Hi viz vests, Traffic cones, Barrier tape, Fence

Work lights

Cone ligshs, Flood lights, Light strips and tower light

Vehicles and Trailers

Flat beds, Pick-ups, Box and transit vans

Green turtle in the middle of the ocean - Set Essentials Sustainability policy

Sustainability Policy 2024

At Set Essentials we believe in the effective management of safety, health, environment, energy, carbon reduction, and responsible sourcing is of key importance to the sustained success of our business. We have a single sustainability policy, which is regularly reviewed and communicated to employees, contractors, visitors, key stakeholders and our supply chain to inform and promote wider adoption of responsible practices.

As a minimum, we comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Co-operation in the effective implementation of the policy is a condition of employment, partnership and supply.


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